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let your mind be still, 

and your body experience deep relaxation.



our massages are specifically tailored to your body's unique needs. choose from our therapeutic treatments including deep muscle, relaxing aromatherapy, pregnancy massage and more. 


remove unwanted hair with a wide range of hair removal services. your skin will glow and become irresistibly soft. 

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if you are looking for a healthy glow, treat your blemishes or reduce some of those fine lines, our facials are specifically designed to treat different skin concerns.

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Due to the current full capacity, I am not taking new clients at this moment. 


For existing Llumier clients who want to request in-home massage & facial services or pop-up services*,  please text or send in requests directly to me at 650-260-5259 or contact me via email.

*The Llumier pop-up space will be announced once a month. Location, date and time are TBD. I will send information to clients directly as the space is limited - get in touch to get on the relaxation list!   

opening hours
let there be light. 

If you are looking for trustworthy, result-oriented, personal service in an intimate setting: welcome to Llumier. 
Each individual treatment - from skincare to massage - will be 100% customized to your needs at this given moment in your life.

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my story.

I founded Llumier in 2015 after being the Lead Aesthetician at The Spa at the Four Seasons in Palo Alto for several years. I decided to relocate Llumier from Redwood City to Los Altos in 2020, where I found more spacious treatment rooms to integrate my vision of a holistic, urban boutique wellness hub once more. Today, as my capacity is limited, and I truly want to give the best care for my clients, I decided to close down the physical location to continue to serve my existing clients in the comfort of their own homes and offer a pop-up massage and facial station once a month. These services are currently only available to my current clients, but if you are interested in the pop-up service feel free to contact me to get on my waiting list.  

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the founder.

Hi, I'm Rachel Lao - the designer of all treatments and the face behind llumier. I founded llumier envisioning an environment that fosters mindfulness and quietness to compliment therapeutic treatments helping with mobility and functionality.
Here, you will find a flawless combination of luxurious spa treatments with clinical body and skin treatments.
I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Aesthetician with over a decade's experience in one of the world's most-demanding luxury hotels: the Four Seasons Silicon Valley. Joining the hotel as part of its opening team,
I quickly became the lead therapist at the Spa training all other therapists.
I firmly believe in the power of intuitive healing touch and the importance of continuous learning. I love to travel to draw new inspiration for my treatments from other countries, cultures and people.

Rachel Lao Close Up Founder Massage therapist Llumier Los Altos California
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