• llumier

Tricks to curb your sweet tooth

These tricks will help you fight off the cravings and benefit from the better sleep, skin, and energy levels associated with lower sugar intake.

If you can not stop thinking about that box of Ghiradelli (or worse, Girl Scout Cookies!), it is probably time for a snack.

STOP! Not that donut!

Start snacking on fruits when the craving seems inescapable.

Use your sweet snacks wisely. If you need to slip, treat yourself to a high quality dessert that will leave you feeling contently satisfied. (No cashier's lane candy bars!)

You can also prepare your own decadent healthy desserts.

Having a small taste-bud-quencher is much different from rampaging through your home on a sugar binge.

Above all, moderation is key.

Start fresh. As you remove sugar from your diet, be sure to schedule a facial to remove the impurities and repair the damage in your skin from the past.


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