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What can a sapling massage do for you?

The Sapling Massage is designed specifically for one of the most notable changes in your body:

As your baby grows, it naturally pushes against your joints, muscles, and bones. You are not required to suffer through tension and discomfort because of it.

Your massage therapist's focus will be the release of the tension from all of the new angles and weight shifts that you have acquired during pregnancy.

Sapling massages are either conducted on a set of specialized pillows (imagine laying on your stomach again!) or on your side.

With soft and knowing hands, your massage therapist will gently ease away the tension and leave you feeling light again.

Our Nurture Package, specifically designed for expecting mothers, will give you the ultimate release including a Sapling Massage as well as an all organic Pure Facial.

Picture: Our Massage therapist Diana performing prenatal massageon a set of specialized pillows.

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