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Meet Meng: Nail Artist & Eye Lash Specialist

Meng joined the Llumier Wellness Team in 2015 and has since then become an irreplaceable Llumier Team Member. She is the designer behind many of Llumier's unique nail designs and Bella Lash certified Lash Extension Specialist.

After awakening from slumber, she begins the morning with coffee, breakfast and a work out.

Meng incorporates her dreams and the world around her into her nail designs.

By reading literature on nails and lashes, she constantly pushes herself to learn more and further become the beauty care professional whom she envisions.

Due to her dedication, she was asked to be a guest on the Qingdao radio network to give a talk on nail care.

On the rare occasion that she is not finessing her technique, she spends her free time with her best friend and they enjoy going to sing karaoke together.

Meng's Morning Routine: coffee, breakfast and a work out.

Meng's nail regimen to keep her own nails healthy involves using hand cream as often as possible. She applies cuticle oil before sleep to keep her cuticles healthy, always washes things with gloves, and schedules a manicure every 2-3 weeks.

She recommends that all of her clients do the same for strong, healthy nails.

Inspired? Book your appointment now with Meng and have your own personalized nail design or beautiful & natural-looking eyelash extensions!

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