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Post-Wedding To-Do List

You had the most beautiful day, one that went by all too fast, and are now embarking on a new journey with the love of your life.

The most stressful time before is over. That does not mean that the wedding is.

1. Take down your wedding website & registry

2. Donate your flowers.

Something so beautiful should not be abandoned after one day. There are many great organizations out there that will bring your flowers to some who may need a little more color in their life.

3. Clean & preserve your wedding dress.

Not feeling up to preserving it for eternity? You can also do much more than just hang it back in your wardrobe!

4. Create and order your wedding album.

You never want to forget about all the beautiful moments on your Wedding Day - so make sure to capture everything for eternity (or at least your great-great-grandchildren).

5. Change your last name

If you decide to change your name, remember your Social Security Card, your Driver's License, Bank Accounts, Passport, Email Address, and the long history you have had before that one fateful day.

6. Send out Thank You notes

Your special day was wonderful as you shared it with all of your guests, family, and friends. Make sure to customize your thank you card for each person and gift them a touched moment of their own!

7. Plan something new & exciting

"[Start] planning something new to look forward to. It will help ward off post-wedding blues and you'll put those organizational skills acquired over the past year to good use. Invite friends over for a happy hour to christen your new barware, throw an après-wedding name change bash, or start researching ideas for a one year anniversary vacation."



All done? Then it is definitely:


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