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Your Pre-Wedding Facial Timeline

Why should I have a facial?

Moisturizing and renewing your skin with regular facial treatments will provide a glowing complexion that is skin deep. It will help your face and make-up look fresh on any day, which is perfect for the one when all eyes are on you.

No one wants break-outs on their special day.

Here is your 6 month timeline to glowing skin for your big day:


We recommend that you first come in for our 60 min Essential Facial. Our Aesthetician will tailor a personalized treatment plan with you, set specific goals and suggest an appropriate skin care & make-up care for you.

MONTH #2 + #3

The following months the skin regimen will focus on balancing skin oil production. This will help to even out your skin tone, smooth acne scars, improve the appearance of fine lines and create a luminous complexion.

MONTH #4 - #6

Months 4 - 6 will solve any residual problems, while keeping up your glowing complexion.


5 Days before: Have all waxing done to avoid potential breakouts

3 Days before: A non-invasive Oxygen or AquaFuse Dermbrasion Facial will leave your skin gleaming.

This schedule will allow your aesthetician to exfoliate dead skin cells, while helping to coax healthy skin cells to the surface.


As you are planning, you may experience the wear of stress on your body.

To counter the unwanted effects of too much stress (breakouts, headaches, insomnia, depression, backaches, etc.), we highly recommend getting massages and doing other relaxing activities throughout the wedding planning process. This will help to clear your mind, better focus on the planning and getting relaxed to the big day.

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