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The New Runner's Guide

With 6 miles per week yielding the best health benefits, having a healthy "runner's lifestyle" is within reach for everyone.

These tips will help keep your body safe as you start your surge into your new morning routine:

Warm up before and stretch after

This warms up the joints with a gentle exercise and prepares your muscles for the run. Stretching lengthens the muscles and prevents possible injuries.

Foam rolling

Foam rolling daily for 5-10 minutes after a work out is a small supplement to the benefits of what a massage can do. It is recommended that you focus on the tight muscles.

Treat yourself to an epson salts bath

The salts help to remove soreness and improve circulation.

Wear the right shoes for you

There is a reason for the many different types of running shoes. Like sunscreen, having the correct shoes can make or break your regimen. Go to a locally run store (our preference!) and ask for help finding the shoes that are best for your body type and work out regimen.

Stay hydrated and treat yourself to nutritious foods

Your body needs protein, carbohydrates and water along with a nutrient dense diet to recover post-workout. Support yourself as you gain more endurance and strength. Here are some great ideas for pre- and post- workout meals.

Schedule a massage

A massage helps to facilitate the removal of left-over toxins in your muscles after a work out. By getting a massage, you will be ready for your next morning run and promote growth for your muscles. Hot stones and sports massages are great options for ensuring the largest benefit from your massage.

Insider tip: If you have 100 loyalty points (that's one referral), you can add hot stones to your massage for free!

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