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Spring Cleansing your Skincare Routine

It's spring and time to change up your skincare routine.

But - why do we actually need to change, and how does the change look like? Find the answers to your questions in our quick six questions with Rachel.


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Why should we change up our skincare regimen in springtime?

You always need to excite your skin - it's just like a work out: if we do the same thing all the time, the skin does not respond well because it just get bored.

How often should we change our skincare routine?

Usually I would recommend to switch up the routine every 6 month with weather changes, as the climate can certainly effect body, skin and hair. March is a perfect month for changing up as it's spring cleansing time!

How would that change look like?

As there is usually more humidity and sweat included during spring and summer times, you should start using a lighter moisturizer at night, such as the Oxygen Cream by Nature Bisse'. One that is too thick and heavy may feel sticky and block pores, resulting in uneven skin and breakouts.

During the day you should start using a very hydrating moisturizer with spf. The Hydrating B5 Gel by Skinceuticals contains hyaluronic acid - the body’s "natural hydrator", which helps binding moisture to the skin - thus makes it the perfect spring + summer companion.

You should also be incorporating Vitamin C during the day, and start using a gentle foaming cleanser for your morning face wash.

Everyone's talking about the importance of SPF - but how high should it actually be to be effective?

If you are a lot outside I recommend an spf of 30 to 50, if you are mainly indoors then 20 is plenty.

I plan to go on vacation - anything I need to pay attention to?

If you plan to go on vacation, you should stop using any retinol products one week before the vacation to avoid potential sunburn.

If you take a long flight, bring a mask that you can wear on flight (while taking your little beauty nap;). Korean sheet peel off masks are perfect for that purpose, simply throw away after use.

What about workouts - everyone wants to get back into their workout routine after winter, but how do I take best care of my skin post-workout?

First of all you should be using a gentle cleanser such as the Natura Bisse Foaming Cleanser - as too much exfoliation can dehydrate your skin. Follow up the cleansing with a Vitamin C serum and Hydrating B5 gel - which you can perfectly use without moisturizer - and finish up with a Sun Protection with at least SPF30, as your skin is particularly fragile after a sweat session. And don't forget your eye cream to replenish moisture and avoid those fine lines around the eyes.

You also need to hydrate your skin from the inner out as you just lost a lot of water - so make sure to drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated post-workout.

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