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Spring Break for your Breakouts

There are a lot of things that may cause your breakouts - from stress to junk-food, too-rarely cleaned make-up brushes and dirty pillowcases. Read on to learn more about our facials that specifically target acneic skin + 10 tips on how to avoid breakouts in the first place.

If you (or your kids) are in school, having too much stress, hormonal changes as well as bad eating habits are usually the main reason for those stubborn breakouts.

Specifically designed for sensitive teenager skin, our 45 minute Teen Facial will give you the much needed break from your breakouts.

Not in school anymore? If you are suffering from breakouts even though you're past the puberty phase, we recommend our Clear Facial. This clarifying treatment is designed for common problematic skin in adolescent but also adulthood. Our aesthetician will exfoliate congested skin with advance anti-blemish ingredients, remove impurities with an effective yet gentle extraction technique, and then restore skin balance with calming holistic aromatherapy as a finishing touch.

...but how can you actually prevent breakouts in the first place, and how should you take care of your skin (and yourself) after getting your facial?


1. Wiping down your Smartphone daily with alcohol or Clorox wipes will keep your phone—and your face—clean.

2. Avoid touching your face, and never pick on your skin/blemishes.

3. Avoid greasy foods. A healthy diet is crucial to your beauty routine, and will leave your skin feeling and looking as clear as ever. Conversely, go too hard on late-night munchies or ice cream sandwiches and you might find yourself with a nasty pimple.

4. Put a towel on the yoga mat that you are using to avoid direct contact with the mat that may contain bacteria from previous sweat sessions.

5. Talking about sweat, always wash your face after all kinds of sport, and also when coming home from work.

6. Get a monthly professional facial/chemical peel.

7. Clean Make-up brushes regularly.

8. Always take make up off before going to bed.

9. Hydrate from the inside and outside: drink a lot of water throughout the day and use a hydrating moisturiser.

10. And finally, de-stress.(we've got you covered...)

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