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The other day I was showering - a hot shower (obviously) - put some eucalyptus lavender shower mist as usual (it just makes everything better...!), took a deep inhale - and then remembered that a few years ago, I've often finished my showers with cold water.

I don't know what made me stop, but I remembered it was supposed to be good for the immune system.

The past year I've been sick all the time, on and of - very annoying you can imagine, especially since I usually had a pretty strong immune system, nothing could get me sick.

Well, not anymore I guess.

So - that day - I've decided I should just start again taking cold showers at the end.

And here we go - 1-2-3- COLD! I count until 10, turning around, and shut off the water.

WOW, I did it!

The next day, I thought I should probably skip it...hot showers are still much cozier and feel so great. But then...no - I cannot give up already!

So I continued, for two weeks now. And what should I say? It feels just amazing.

Every. Single. Morning.

Finishing your shower with cold water makes you feel accomplished (you did it again!), energized and its a great mood booster. And it gets easier and easier.

Right now everyone in my family is sick again - coughing, sneezing, runny nose, fever...the whole program.

Everyone - except me.

It might be just by happenstance, but I'm not sick. And I am the only one taking cold showers in the morning. So...if you ask me...I think it helps. And if not...there's a whole bunch of other benefits to it - just google it!

A cold shower is like caffeine. The temperature shock increases your body’s heart rate, which in turn releases a rush of blood throughout your body, kicking it into gear.

And it's not only a energizing start in the day, cold showers may also soothe any redness on your skin, especially the face, reduce puffiness and close pores to lock in moisture (so cleanse with warm water, and finish off with cold water).

The cold burst increases alertness and improves circulation.

Finishing off you shower with a cold burst doesn't take more time, you can so easily integrate it into you morning routine - and have a great start in the day!

What about you? Did you ever take a cold shower in the morning? Or have you always done it? What's your take on that?

Happy showering!


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