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Sugar free? Yes, please.

You've probably already heard it all.

"Sugar is poison"

"I am sugar addicted",

or "sugar is worse than cocaine".

...and of course - sadly - it's mostly true. Sugar is everywhere, in almost all processed foods (granola bars, salad dressings, bbq sauces, cereals, yogurt, ...we could go on forever).

So, if you've heard it all, you might have also already tried to quit sugar. It's hard. Like really really hard (at least for me it seems impossible - I don't just have one sweet tooth, I have at least 32 sweet teeth!).

But once you start not to give in to your sugar cravings, amazing things happen: you crave less sugar (ha!), no more headaches, more energy (only at the very beginning you might feel the opposite), less mood swings, a clearer, focused mind; a clearer complexion (skincare from the inside out) and it all leads to you as a healthier you. That's what we all want, isn't it?

Well, it's easier said than done. If you can do it, go ahead, do it. Now.

But if you're like me, then you might not even be able to get through one day without sugar.

So, how to get around it.

First, buy smart.

Buy products in the raw, unprocessed form (of course local, organic, ...). So at least YOU decide how much sugar you put into your meals.

Then, swap out sugar for alternatives. There's a lot of those on the market - with stevia as probably the best known, and we've tried out a few.

Our winner: Monk Fruit Sweetener (and no, this is not sponsored, we just love it!). It comes in those orange packages that are popping up everywhere now, just like this one:

Why we love it?

  • It doesn't impact blood sugar levels

  • It has zero calories

  • Unlike other artificial sweeteners it has no (proven) side-effects up to date, so it's safe for pregnant women, nursing women and children

  • Plus: we like it's close-to-sugar taste (we're not a big fan of that metallic after taste of stevia)

The downside could be the price, as monk fruit is difficult to grow and thus expensive to import, which directly reflects on the price. However, as for fair trade and local foods - we prefer spending the extra dollar for our health and community now rather than having thousands of bills later when we are diabetic and sick. But that's just us.

Also, whatever sweetener you choose: make sure it does not contain other sweeteners (i.e. dextrose). Find out more about "hidden sugar words" you should recognize on nutrition labels in this video by ThePowerWithinOnline.

Your family just loves sugar, cookies, chocolate, ...and they can't stand you trying to convince everybody to eat a bit more healthy? Then this article by MGB on how to get your kids to eat clean - and love it is definitely something you should read.

Ok and now finally we're coming to the topic that initially brought you here: [drumroll]

Chocolate Ice Cream (thank you Ron for sharing it with us!)

sugar-free, non-dairy

All you need is

  • chilled coconut milk (canned)

  • 100% cocoa powder

  • monk fruit natural sweetener

Season everything to you liking, as chocolaty as you want it, and as sweet as you like. Pour the mixture into an ice cream machine and voilà: super creamy chocolate sugar free, dairy-free ice cream!

Feel free to add fruits such as fresh berries to top it off. The great thing about coconut milk in the can is that it mimics the texture of heavy cream, so it can dense up and create this beautiful ice cream texture.

Don't have an ice cream machine?

You can also do banana nice cream by simply adding frozen bananas (best to freeze very ripe banana slices) to a food processor or blender, and serve it right away. Or be a bit more creative:

- for a creamier texture you can add some previously soaked cashews or coconut milk

- for a tropical escape add some frozen pineapple and top off with roasted coconut flakes

- for the chocolate version add raw cocoa powder. We also love to add a tiny bit of sea salt and top it with almonds, or go with some mint by adding a few drops of natural mint flavor and top with fresh mint.

Now it's your turn! Sun is out, ice cream should be too.

Whats your go-to recipe? Have you tried ours? Let us know how it goes! And how do you sweeten it up? Let us know in the comments or shoot us an email!

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