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During the last month our Master Aesthetician & Massage Therapist Rachel tried to live a more minimalistic, less object-focused and more experience-focused lifestyle.

Read on to see why she decided to take this step towards minimalism, and how she experienced the change of her lifestyle.

First of all, could you tell us what exactly is minimalism?

Minimize our daily life with less " stuff " , less clutters, less distractions, less stress... in exchange we have more happiness, more freedom and more time for life!

What made you decide to become a minimalist?

I am still work in progress. I came across to the documentary " The Minimalists ". It was an eye-opening experience for me. I start to think "Am I truly happy having all the processions I desire? or am I simply creating more stress in my life by wanting more....

How did you get started? Did you throw out all at once or did you take it step by step?

I first cleaned up my closet! 8 bags of clothes that no longer serve me joy, so therefore I donated to church where they can use it to help people in need. That made me very happy !

You said earlier you are still "work in progress" - what are the things you have to change to become 100% minimalistic? Will you do it?

I am only a beginner in Minimalist living. I am planning to do the 30 days Minimalist challenge by simply eliminate items out of my life based on the number reflect on the calendar days. By the end of day 30, I should have eliminated close to 500 items out of my daily life! This includes clothing, books, household items, and electronic emails. I am so bad at emails!!

Ha - yes I saw your thousand of notifications earlier on your phone! But if you are throwing out so much - what matters to you at the end?

Quality of time I spend with my family and myself. I also have a clearer vision about what we want to provide to Llumier clients.

How did the minimalistic lifestyle affect your skincare regimen?

Less is more!

A good cleanser and good sunscreen is a must duo!

I also use an antioxidant serum such as Vitamin C serum in the morning and a nourish night cream with Retinol or peptide at night. But you really don't need to layer too many products on skin for the glow.

Eating right , exercise, drink water and get plenty of sleep are all going to bring out your beautiful glow. :)

Do you have any advice for me if I would like to become minimalist today?

Simply start looking at what brings value to your life. Less is actually more, get inspired by some of the advocate by checking out their blogs and documentary such as https://www.theminimalists.com/ or watching those amazing and inspiring youtube videos!

Did you liked this post? Have you ever tried to become a minimalist, do you think it's just a trend or are you already 100% minimalistic? Tell us in the comments or shoot us an email - we'd love to hear from you!

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