How to "Spring Cleanse" your Body

February 29, 2016

By carefully and mindfully choosing the right foods that enter our our systems we will have more energy, react better to stress and have more restful sleep.


Pick a number of weeks and set a goal. 

"What goals?", you say?



We all know that cheese and milk add that special something to a meal, but it is important to remember that dairy can contribute to clogged pores. Try cutting back and using coconut, almond, or soy for those non-essential meals (coffee, granola, etc).





As good as they taste, we all know that there is a day when we will need to let them go or at least cut back...




Substitutes will make your new dessert much easier to bear.




Clear out your face: While your diet's change will prevent any new problems from developing, the current clogged and damaged pores will not magically disappear.



Book a facial to clear out the old toxins from the winter weather.



We all hold on to little things with the promise of 'someday', but today these things are holding you back!

The sunscreen you bought two years ago? When products expire, they lose their benefits. Toss it!





It's supposedly everywhere (maybe not in California these days), but it is important to ensure that you are drinking your full daily dose. In 2004, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommended that individuals determine their fluid needs by thirst.




The IOM recommends that women drink 11+ cups of water a day and that men drink 15+ cups a day. So, start drinking!


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